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When Can You Get Pregnant
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When Can You Get Pregnant

If you are looking for when can you get pregnant, then there are simple calculations you can use to find the exact time that you can get pregnant, or if you are trying NOT to get pregnant the same calendar applies. I have spent a long time consulting and advising people about IVF, and it always surprises me that some people do not use really simple steps to find out the time when you can get pregnant. IVF is costly, and I like to advise people to try everything they can before turning to the more expensive options.

Look everywhere for advice of when can you get pregnant! Read books, search online or buy an ebook! Below I have answered the most common questions I hear each day about when can you get pregnant. Good luck!


Most when can you get pregnant calendars are based on a 28 day ovulation cycle. This means that the day that you get your period is day one of your cycle. When can you get pregnant occurs during ovulation. This is the time when your body releases the egg for fertilisation.

Ovulation occurs on days 12-17 of your cycle. During this time when can you get pregnant, you need to have intercourse just once a day.It is not advisable to have intercourse more than once, as it is best to let the sperm build to higher numbers for the next day. Some specialists advise their clients to have intercourse one day on, one day off, but my clients generally have success by daily intercourse.

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These 12-17 days are the most important time for when can you pregnant. I always advise my clients not to drink alcohol and eat extremely healthy during this time. You need your body to be at its best!

After Your Period

The above calendar shows that when can you get pregnant 12-17 days after the first day of your period, as this is considered day one of your cycle. However, this when can you get pregnant calendar is based on a 28 day cycle. If your cycle is more or less than 28 days, then when can you pregnant after your period may differ slightly. In order to find out the exact length of your cycle, keep a diary for two months.

Record the first day of your cycle each month, then count the days in between. You can then either decrease or extend the time-frame of day 12-17 depending on the length of your cycle. This does mean that you are guessing. If your cycle is more or less than 28 days, I would advise you to purchase an ovulation kit either online or from a pharmacy.These kits will show the exact time of ovulation and are not expensive. Being certain of when can you get pregnant is better than guessing!

After Miscarriage

Having a miscarriage is an emotional time for a women, and this needs to be taken into consideration when calculating when can you get pregnant after a miscarriage. The type of miscarriage also needs to be considered. If a miscarriage occurs within the first three months of pregnancy, and was a simple passing of tissue, then when can you get pregnant could be as early as 2 months after the miscarriage.

Some miscarriages are more complicated than others though. If a miscarriage has occurred after the first three months and if surgery was needed, then it is advisable to consult your specialist to determine when can you get pregnant. Any miscarriage will result in a poor libido due to hormones, pain and also emotions. I advise my clients to take their time and to wait until your body and mind is back in good health.

On The Pill

The pill is designed to stop ovulation, so given the above information you should not be able to get pregnant while on the pill. It is true though that many woman do fall pregnant!

When can you get pregnant on the pill generally only happens if pills are missed, so be vigilant when taking those pills! Some pills become less effective in woman while taking antibiotics so it is advisable to use condoms for any intercourse during a month when antibiotics have been taken.